Faculty Director Celebrations

After eight years of service and mentorship, the founding Faculty Directors of Harvard University Housing’s Graduate Commons program have transitioned out of their leadership roles.

Professors Davíd Carrasco and María Luisa Parra (10 Akron Street), along with Professor Jennifer Lerner and Dr. Brian Gill (5 Cowperthwaite Street), have been instrumental in the development and growth of Graduate Commons from a two-building pilot program introduced in 2008 to its current reach across 3,000 Harvard University Housing units. Having interacted with countless graduate students and their families over the years, the Faculty Directors depart with many friendships and fond memories of their time with GCP. Celebrations to honor the four took place at the beginning of May.

Faculty Directors Professor Jim and Doreen Hogle (Peabody Terrace) and Professor Chris and Nancy Winship (29 Garden Street) have been joined by Professor Guhan Subramanian and his wife, Helen Clement (10 Akron Street) and Professor Nancy Hill and her husband, Rendall Howell (5 Cowperthwaite Street). Harvard University Housing Director Steve Nason, who assisted in the selection of the new Faculty Directors, is excited to welcome such dynamic individuals to the community.

The arrival of the new Faculty Directors coincides with the expansion of the Graduate Commons Program to the entire Harvard University Housing portfolio. New to the program is Harvard @ Trilogy, located near the Harvard Longwood Campus, as well as Soldiers Field Park and One Western Avenue, located on the Harvard Business School Campus.

“The Graduate Commons Program is appreciative for the role Drs. Lerner, Gill, Carrasco and Parra have played over the past eight years. They have made a lasting impact on the residents here and I am grateful for their guidance and leadership. I am also very excited to see how the community grows under our new Faculty influence” said Lisa Valela, the Associate Director of the Graduate Commons Program.


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Professors Carrasco and Parra (L) and Drs. Lerner and Gill (R)