Updated June 2017

The Graduate Commons Program now has an online Room Reservation System accessible from the GCP website.  Residents in new GCP Properties (OWA, SFP, and Trilogy) will be notified when they may begin using the system.

Please be sure to read the new University Policy regarding Minors on Campus. Completing a room reservation with your area Program Manager signals that you have read and understand all aspects of this policy.

Common Room Use

Please be aware that Residents of Graduate Commons properties are subject not only to all rules and regulations of the Graduate Commons Program but also to the standards of conduct of their graduate or professional Schools.  The Graduate Commons Program works with the Schools to promote student well-being and safety.

Common Room Policy

  • All events with 10 or more people in 10 Akron, 5 Cowperthwaite, Soldiers Field Park, One Western Ave, Trilogy, and 29 Garden Street require private room reservations.
  • Residents may be required to meet with a GCP Staff Member to pick up access keys and discuss room policies prior to their reservation.  Requesting access to the common room from Property Management or the After-Hours On Call team, after a missed meeting, will result in a $100 fine.
  • All Peabody Terrace events require room reservations.
  • No reservations larger than 50 people. (See room capacities & exceptions below.)
  • Residents are only allowed to reserve common space within the building that they reside, and residents are limited to one reservation per week.
  • Events must end by 11pm each evening (all guests out of space) & may not exceed 4-hours in length.
  • There will be “shut down” or “black out” periods during the year for extensive room maintenance or holiday breaks.
  • Set-up and clean-up are part of the 4-hour reservation time. Be sure to build this time into your plans.  Only one event is allowed per room, per day.
  • In buildings with multiple common rooms (Cowperthwaite and Akron only), only 2 events are allowed per building, per day.
  • The event host must be present for the duration of the event and accessible via cell phone. NOTE: You must have a copy of the event confirmation email available at your event.
  • An HUPD Detail Officer may be required for large events with alcohol. An officer helps to ensure that non-residents do not enter into the residential parts of the building. There is a fee associated with this service. More information may be found here: http://www.hupd.harvard.edu/detail-request-form
  • The event must be confined to the specific room requested. Guests may not loiter in hallways, outdoor spaces, or wander around the building.  Hosts may NOT prop any doors (front doors or common room doors), as this is a safety concern.  NOTE: No alternative rooms will be offered in the event of rain.
  • Hosts are responsible for the conduct of guests. Be sure that your guests are not disturbing residents of the community.
  • Sound enhancing devices (large speakers, subwoofers, etc.) are not allowed. If you require special A/V equipment, please contact your area Program Coordinator.
  • Be responsive and respectful to other members of the community, including Faculty Directors and staff, regarding noise level, etc.
  • Report any damage to the Property Management Office as soon as possible. Damage is the responsibility of the host. The host may be term billed for excessive cleaning expenses or damages.
  • Alcohol is allowed in the building in SMALL quantities only (bottles/cans are allowed in small amounts; no kegs allowed). ALL GUESTS MUST BE 21 OR OLDER AT EVENTS THAT OFFER ALCOHOL.  Please read the full alcohol policy below.
  • Graduate Commons and HU Housing have discretion over all room reservations.
  • All Common Room policies must be followed; improper use of common spaces will be subject to fines.Fines start at $100 and increase in $100 increments for each policy violated (cleanup/noise/etc). Fines are assessed via term bill.
  • There is a $25 fee for all room reservations.

Graduate Commons Alcohol Policy

  • Alcohol is allowed in all common spaces of the building in small quantities (i.e. cans or bottles).
  • Private reservations may not charge for alcohol or event access at an event within a GCP property.
  • All guests must be personally invited, meaning no events open to the general public.
  • Large quantities of alcohol (i.e. kegs, party balls) are not permitted anywhere in the building.
  • All alcohol must be disposed of properly and packaging must be recycled when appropriate.
  • All adults at the private event must be at least 21 years of age and show proper identification if asked. (Alcohol cannot be served if there are any underage individuals at the event. Children of residents are the exception to this rule.)
  • Adequate food and non-alcohol beverages must be served at an event where alcohol is also served.

Cleaning Policy and Checklist

As host of an event, you are responsible for all items listed below:

  • Please bring your own cleaning materials.  Trash bags and Lysol wipes will be provided.
  • Remove all trash and recyclables to the proper location (outside of the room).  Please check with Graduate Commons Staff or Property Management if you have questions about the proper location.
  • Clean all hard surfaces in the room (countertops, tables, etc.).
  • Sweep/Mop the floor and pick up any food/dirt on the floor.
  • Ensure all stoves/ovens/microwaves have been turned off.
  • Turn off the lights/television/other electronic devices.
  • Remove all personal items from the room.
  • Return furniture to the appropriate position after use.
  • Do not move piano or keyboards from their current location.

Common Rooms and Capacities:

29 GARDEN (Tara_Bartley@harvard.edu):

  • 29 Garden Common Room – 50 people maximum; only open to 29 Garden residents

PEABODY TERRACE (Amanda_Sharick@harvard.edu):

  • Peabody Terrace Common Room – 50 people maximum; only open to Peabody Terrace residents

RIVERSIDE AREA (Eugene_Mont@harvard.edu):

  • 5 Cowperthwaite Common Room – 40 people maximum; only open to 5 Cowperthwaite residents
  • 5  Cowperthwaite 4th floor Lounge (TV) – 20 people maximum; only open to 5 Cowperthwaite residents
  • 5  Cowperthwaite 5th floor Common Room – 20 people maximum; only open to 5 Cowperthwaite residents
  • 5  Cowperthwaite 6th floor Terrace – 20 people maximum; only open to 5 Cowperthwaite residents (no rain location offered)

TRILOGY (Eugene_Mont@harvard.edu):

  • Trilogy Common Room – 40 people maximum; open to Trilogy residents only after September 5th due to construction updates

WESTERN AREA (Ashley_Hopper@harvard.edu):

  • 10 Akron West Common Room – 75 people maximum; only open to 10 Akron residents
  • 10 Akron 6th/7th floor Common Room and Terrace – 20 people maximum; only open to 10 Akron residents
  • Soldiers Field Park – 50 people maximum; open to OWA/SFP residents
  • One Western Ave – 100 people maximum; open to OWA/SFP residents after September 5th due to construction updates